Why Nectari

Why Nectari

Most ERPs don't have a standard method of accessing enterprise information. They usually work with outdated tools that take a lot of manual effort to use properly, which is time-consuming and expensive. Because of this, clients are working in silos, without efficient ways to collaborate and access the information they need.

This is why we built Nectari. Our main goal was to provide you with a standard way of accessing, visualizing, analyzing and reporting on information in your enterprise, all in one place. Today, the solution continues to evolve with pre-defined market KPIs, analytics, and so much more.

Empowering users.

Access data across all of your sources and seamlessly report, analyze and react, based on current, real-time information. Make fact-based, informed decisions that boost your business growth and efficiency. Nectari’s countless customization options allow each user to visualize data based on the needs of their unique role.

One Platform

One Platform

Access Nectari anytime through web browser, Excel Add-in, or our mobile app.

Predefined Analytics

Nectari is equipped with countless predefined data models, KPIs, and analytics that you can use as is or customize even further. Fully populated role-based dashboards and KPIs that simplify operations to help you deliver results faster.

Predefined Analytics

Quick Deployment and Fast ROI

From the moment you start working with Nectari, you’ll see a rapid return on investment thanks to quick implementation, simple and efficient user adoption, and predefined analytics. Whether you're a top executive, manager, leader or analyst, having a data-literate workforce that can analyze efficiently and forecast accurately will save you time and money.

Data Management

Nectari’s platform includes replication, consolidation, migration, and transformation of data across all types of platforms and systems. Our software takes care of all the complicated back-end details so that you have the tools to focus your energy on where your business needs it most.

More than Just BI

Nectari goes beyond what's expected of a BI tool, such as allowing you to manipulate data used for sales forecasts, financial budgets, and other requirements.


Nectari’s simple, easy to share intelligent analytics smart reports will give you and your teams all the insight and data you need to make things happen and give your business the kind of boost it needs to get to that next level of success. Finally, your entire internal team will seamlessly jump onto the same wavelength and understand each other in ways you never imagined possible!