Data Model

Your business needs aren’t simple, but your business practices can be. Nectari’s Universal Data Model examines data across all your systems and interprets it for you. Designed as a central hub for all your business data, Nectari’s UDM offers a turnkey solution that accesses, collects, and consolidates information across all your systems. You can now make smarter, more strategic business decisions that are aligned with your long-term goals.


Nectari’s Universal Finance Data Model demonstrates the power that comes from accessing hundreds of KPIs that are aligned with financial business reporting standards. You’ll be more than equipped with everything you need to analyze your businesses’ financial activities, performance, liquidity and profitability.


Nectari’s Universal Sales Data Model includes countless KPIs and provides analytics about everything you need to know about. Sales activities, sales forecasts, customer analysis, product analysis, and much more.


Nectari’s Universal CRM Data Model includes numerous KPIs and is equipped with everything you need to analyze your company’s CRM activities, including leads, opportunities, and campaigns.