Nectari takes your raw data and gives it meaning. Forecast, plan, and strategize more effectively than ever, so that you can reach your business goals. From real-time data analysis, to the powerful ETL tool and building complex multi-dimensional cubes, Nectari gives you everything you need to succeed.

Real-Time Data Model

Consolidate and centralize all of your information in an easily accessible and secure location. You can opt for a pre-defined, customizable data model, or quickly and easily create your own.

Real Time Data Model


Extract, Transform, and Load your data so that results are ready to be used in data models and OLAP cubes. Building data warehouses is now easier than ever.

ETL makes your life infinitely better

Olap Manager

Nectari is highly scalable and facilitates consolidation of different types of information by building multi-dimensional cubes for maximum performance while processing large quantities of data.

Olap Manager

A Multitude of Connection Options

Connect to pretty much anything you want...