Embedded Analytics within your Solution.

Embedded analytics are seamlessly integrated within your solution and work transparently as an integrated part of your application, for increased flexibility and functionality.


Easily embed analytics in third-party systems such as Acumatica, Sage X3, Sage CRM, Teams, Sharepoint and many more without compromising on any functionality.


Transparently embedded without additional sign-ins required, thanks to SSO integration.

QR Codes

By linking QR codes, users can easily scan a box, item, equipment, or location with a device that dynamically delivers specific real-time analytics.

System Interaction

Use Nectari’s Link-To feature and jump from Nectari directly into any other application. Analyze customer sales information, then open up one of their existing orders in your ERP system; then, review one of their open tickets in your help desk application. All of this through Nectari's system!