Driving business growth through collaboration.

Nectari provides you with a suite of collaborative functionalities that allow you to make data-driven decisions to catapult your business growth. Share the right information between team members, business partners, and suppliers, to make insightful, informed decisions.


Create one report, then let Nectari take care of the details, ensuring that everyone on your distribution list receives the report in their own language, with the information only they can access. Automatic distribution includes advanced features such as conditional alert, translation, data security, reporting pack, and more. Start improving the way your organization works together, today.



Export from any view into any format your business needs.


Be a team player

Want to make sure your team sees certain key details in a report? Nectari makes that possible by allowing you to identify, highlight, point out or share specific details by annotating any analytics of your choice.

You’re in Control!

You can easily self-subscribe to any analytics and schedule when and how you receive them.

Optimize your efficiency

Make sure everyone’s on the same page and has the same information by creating new analytics and making them accessible to your entire team.