Learn - Webinars


Not everyone learns at the same pace, nor do they have the same amount of time available to be able to learn everything. That’s why we’ve put together a series of webinars that you can watch, when it’s convenient and comfortable for you. Not sure you understood something correctly, come back and watch the webinars again, don’t be shy to truly deepen your understanding.

Webinar 1 - Introducing Nectari Version 9

Get acquainted with Nectari version 9! We'll explore the new look and feel, advanced reporting capabilities, online help, upcoming eLearning, and Nectari going cloud!

Webinar 2 – Universal Finance Data Model

Discover how Nectari's advanced analytical capabilities can help you monitor the real-time performance of your business. Nectari’s Financial Data Model includes hundreds of industry-standard measures and Key Performance Indicators, with the ability to drill-down and analyze every dimension of your rich financial data.

Webinar 3 – Universal Data Model (Sales and CRM)

Discover how you can leverage Nectari's Sales and CRM Data Model  to monitor the real-time performance of your business. The Sales and CRM data models include hundreds of industry standard measures and Key Performance Indicators, to give you a big-picture view of your business.

Webinar 4 – DataSync / ETL

Learn about Nectari’s new DataSync module, which helps connect to multiple data sources and perform extraction, transformation and loading of your data in a few simple steps.

Webinar 5 – Sage X3 Integration and Pre-Built Deliverables

Discover how easily Nectari's powerful dashboards can be integrated within Sage X3, and various pre-built deliverables you can take the advantage of.

Webinar 6 – Building Powerful Dashboards for Your Business

Learn how to build powerful, intuitive dashboards that will help you see your business from a whole new perspective!

Webinar 7 – Excel Add-In Tips & Tricks

Learn to use various tools included with Nectari's Excel Add-In and discover how effortlessly you can do away with tedious reporting.