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Classroom Training

Get in-depth training on Nectari's capabilities from the experts that know it best.

A few options are available to you: In-Person training, On-Site Training and Live Virtual Training. Our In-Person will take place in a pre-determined location where participants will come on-site and enjoy training with our teachers. Our On-Site training offers a more personalized experience as our teacher will come directly to your location of choice and deliver the training there. Finally, our Live Virtual training will take place wherever you are in the world with our teaching present with you live, but remotely from our offices.


Courses we offer:

End User 1 - Fundamentals

Get started with the Nectari platform here, as we take you through BI concepts and various Nectari interface options. You'll also start exploring the various visualisations that are available, such as worksheets, charts, dashboards and reports.

End User 2 - Intermediate

Building on the Fundamentals course, you'll get more comfortable with Nectari's various modules while diving deeper in terms of worksheet customization and exploring new chart options. You’ll also learn how to create basic dashboards, web reports, and get to know our Excel Add-In.

End User 3 – Specialist

Master end-user functionality and gain a deep understanding of the advanced features in each visualization. Flex your mind with advanced Dashboard and Web report creation, and learn to leverage the full potential of Excel Add-In reporting.

Data Modeler 1 - Fundamentals

Get started on data modeling in the Nectari platform here, as you learn how to define a data source, create your first data model, and learn the basics of ETL.

Data Modeler 2 - Intermediate

Build on your knowledge by building more complex data models in Nectari's data model designer. You'll also learn how to build your first OLAP cube, and understand how consolidation works in the ETL module.

Data Modeler 3 – Specialist

Understand every detail there is to know about Nectari's data model designer and OLAP manager, and become a data modeler pro. Automate data model deployment, create migration paths with the ETL, interface between systems, and more.


Learn how to manage everything there is to know about security, scheduling automatic distribution to users, integrating Nectari with other applications, upgrading the application, and much more.

Installer 1 - Basic

Get set up correctly, right from the get-go. This course goes in-depth into Nectari’s installation and upgrade process, as well as reviewing the general architecture. You’ll also learn how to install new templates.

Installer 2 - Advanced

This course will give you all the tools you need to become a Nectari Installation Expert, by fully reviewing and understanding the architecture in detail. We'll also cover network security and SSO/SSL’s configuration best practices.

Reseller 1 – Pre-Sales and Marketing

Designed for the Nectari reseller who is out in the field, this course covers all the product details and positioning, and equips you with the right tools so you can provide an unforgettable product demonstration.

Reseller 2 – Engineer

Go beyond presenting the Nectari platform and become a reseller that can get into the technical details. Answer in-depth questions about the solution, understand how to configure it, and know what ERP specifics are required.

Personal Data Exploration and Workshops

This custom workshop is designed for those who want to integrate their existing knowledge of the solution within their own environment. Using your own requirements and data, our experienced trainers will work with you to build real life reports that provide pertinent and actionable insights.